Nansha Factory
Nansha factory was founded in 2003. It covers an area of about 8.23 acre, and has two tower production lines. The standard manufacturing workshop and warehouse cover an area of about 30000 square meters. The company has employees more than 300. The company has established a new research center for fertilizer. The independent intellectual property R & D team has more than 90 professional researchers, and the company now owns a number of fertilizer invention patents.

He'nan Factory
He'nan factory is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Lardmee Fertilizer Co., Ltd, which located in Henan Province, and it covers an area of 360 acres. The company was founded in April 2014, with a commitment to building the largest humic acid potassium compound fertilizer factory in China. The planning capacity is about one million tons, and it has 6 production lines in total. The company's products have a variety of special fertilizers and balanced fertilizers for field crops such as wheat, corn, and peanuts.
Zhanjiang Factory
Zhanjiang factory is planned to produce 600,000 tons of Eco-Friendly compound fertilizer per year, and it will build 5 production lines. It invested about 300 million yuan in total; Zhanjiang factory will be turned into a “shared factory”. It will bring the company together, which want to develop the fertilizer market in Southeast Asia. It can create a "Chinese fertilizer brand" with domestic fertilizer companies, and reach out to the world together.