Lardmee affirmed commitment to soil health

发布时间:2019-04-17 14:44
President of the Guangdong Lardmee Chemical Fertilizer Company Mr Jinchang Yang participated in the China-Australia Healthy Soil Join Research Center conference in Yancheng, Jiangsu from April 16 to 17. The research center is established between Australia-China Joint Research Center and Tinghu district government in Jiangsu Province, with the aim to build a platform for soil test and analysis, pollution risk assessment, R&D for soil remediation technologies and public service and professional training.

President of Lardmee Mr.Jinchang Yang

The conference was attended by both Chinese scientists as well as the Australian research partners. Key participants include Fellow Australian Academy of Science Robin Batterham, University of Melbourne Professor Deli Chen, Dean of the Environmental College of West Australia University Tony O’Donnell, Fellow of Chinese Academy of Science Zhaoliang Zhu, China Agricultural University Professor Fusuo Zhang and Nanjing Agricultural University Vice ChelQirong Shen. During the 2 day conference, the scientists gave research presentations covering topics of nitrogen and carbon circle in cropping systems, microbial remediation to soil pollution and novel ways of polluted soil mitigation and restoration.

Prof. Zhaoliang Zhu at his opening speech
Prof. Deli Chen, Prof. Robin Batterham, Prof. Fusuo Zhang, Prof. Zhaoliang Zhu, Prof. Jim He, and Director-General Mr Xiongnian Yang (from left to right)

Among these presentations, the use of lignite reduces nitrogen loss was introduced by Professor Deli Chen and Professor Frances Hoyle. Lardmee has further developed and applied this technique in its humic acid chelation technology. As the functional ingredient of lignite, humic acid is chelated with nutrient compounds in the fertilizer prilling process, creating chemical bonds between the humic acid and nutrient elements and thus further enhance the nutrient holding capacity. The popularity of Monitra among farmers has been the most valid proof of this technology.


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Apart from the use of humic acid, Lardmee is also developing soil microbial promoting products with amino-acid additives. As found out by Professor Qirong Shen and Professor Tony O’Donnell, soil microorganisms have promotive effects on crop stress resilience as well as soil structure formation. Lardmee’s amino acid polymer coating technology slows down the release of inorganic nutrients through the polymer film formed outside each fertilizer pellet, avoiding microbial salt stress. As the amino acid polymer degrades, peptides and amino acids become food for the microorganisms.

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At their discussion, President Jinchang Yang confirmed with Professor Fusuo Zhang and Professor Deli Chen that Lardmee will continue to work on promoting efficient use of fertilizers and hope to deepen cooperation with the joint research center in applying research outcomes to achieve healthy soil and the green development of agriculture in China. 

Dircector of ACJRC Deli Chen (left) and President of Lardmee Mr. JinChang Yang (right)
Deputy Manager of Lardmee Mr. Hanyuan Jiang, China Agricultural University Prof. Fusuo Zhang, and President of Lardmee Mr. JinChang Yang (from left to right)